Sana Khalesi

Sana Khalesi is the founder & CEO of Komodaa- the emergent women-led social commerce platform in Iran. Komodaa’s vision is to create an H2H platform: human to human, heart to heart. Born and raised in Shiraz, Iran, the threads of global literature, along with her studies in creative writing, social, cultural & crirical theory, have set Sana in a unique position to respond to the world with a no-barrier out-of-the-box attitude. She started her career as a creative art director of ACI in London and then joined Upstream Systems in Athens, as a copywriter.

Prior to launching Komodaa and exploring the world of entrepreneurship & innovation, Sana worked as an independent artist. She has presented her psychoanalytical studies in Oxford university & The University of St Andrews, published her poems in Virginia and held a photo exhibition in Zurich. She describes herself as a girl in whom East and West meet (and peacefully co-exist).