Gillian Davis

Gillian Davis is a transformational leadership expert. Since 2017 she’s been at the helm of her leadership advisory business OverTime Leader, working with leaders in forward-thinking, fast-moving companies like TaskRabbit, Wetransfer, and Spotify. She focuses on helping executives define and shape the right company culture that will enable them to scale fast,  effectively, and inclusively.
Prior to OverTime, she was the right hand to both Wetransfer’s CEO, and Founder, and drove core organizational initiatives that enabled them to scale strategically by building their leadership capabilities internally. She was Leadership Director at ustwo London, a leading-edge product development studio in Shoreditch where she was responsible for driving self-leadership and autonomy across its manager-less culture.
Before her time in Europe, Gillian began her career in her family’s Executive recruitment business based in Montreal, QC, who are most notable for recruiting three of Canada’s astronauts. After her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009, Gillian stepped up to run the business alongside her mother. It was at that time where she found the lack of practical leadership books for newly appointed managers and created the solution by co-authoring “First Time Leader: Foundational Tools to Inspire and Enable Your Team” (Wiley 2014).