What problem do you solve?

ViSenSys GmbH (Visual Sensor Systems) develops and distributes Intelligent Observers (IB), consisting of a distributed multi-camera system and image processing software, for customers with a high automation needs of human observation. The use of an IB leads to a relief and support of human observers or to a complete automation and thus to more efficient use of personnel. ViSenSys GmbH offers a variable and scalable combination of hardware and software components, which are either taken from the customer’s camera system or from an own camera system.

For public transport, an IB based on the existing camera systems in the trains/coaches automatically counts the number of passengers boarding/disembarking, and the load factor of individual sections (e.g. at railway stations, the density of large numbers of people).For the processing industry, tailor-made IBs, such as the temperature determination of heated materials or the automatic visual analysis of surfaces, developed

What is your digital solution?

We develop intelligent observers, which evaluate different camera sources (analog or digital), thereby do not collect personal data, send the metadata generated from it in different ways to forward and process the data to the customer. For example, we collect the capacity utilisation data in the trains of DB  Regio and make them available to travellers on a freely accessible website, so that they can travel comfortably and safely in a not too full train.

How much does your idea differ from existing solutions? What do you do better?

Through agile software development (e.g. Scrum) and rapid prototyping (e.g. many ready-to-use modules that can be can be easily combined with each other) we quickly and efficiently identify the needs of the customers and iteratively improve the prototype. Our products are all from one source (hardware + software +interfaces) and meet all technical and legal requirements. Through a retrofit of the existing camera systems of the customers, we reduce the costs and upgrade the existing technical infrastructure. In addition to already available information (such as automatic passenger counting, which we can provide without sensors), we generate new data sources (load factor / travel distance estimation), which enables the customers new possibilities for the ongoing operation or for planning. Above all technically demanding applications (such as graffiti detection on high-speed trains at full speed) we have a very high accuracy and customer satisfaction (DB Fernverkehr / DB Netz).

What does qualify your team and how is the structure of your team? 

In 2017, the managing director Dr.-Ing. André Ibisch started his work at the University of Bochum at the Institute for Neuroinformatics and successfully completed his doctorate. In his dissertation Andre has intensively dealt with the topic of digital image processing in the field of autonomous driving in car parks with Audi AG and of image-based density estimation of large crowds of people. The young, international and motivated team consists of an electrical engineer, a robot technician with deep learning background and four other computer scientists. The administrative and economic (e.g. controlling and process optimization) tasks are performed by an employee with a background in business administration. Through flat hierarchies every employee has his or her area of responsibility and fills it out competently and independently. Through the use of Scrum (including a joint Scrum workshop), there is a close and daily exchange, that ‘is reflected in the high quality of the products.

Why should we reward you for your digital business model?

We have a strong customer base and are a reliable partner. We maintain a very good partnership with our hardware manufacturer. We enjoy great confidence of our customers in the implementation and into our products. We are a young; innovative start-up, as well as a stable employer with innovative products and large projects with a small but agile and highly qualified team.