What problem do you solve?

Manual work is often not analysed in detail. Even modern highly complex supply chains with just-in-sequence time strategies usually cannot work without these interfaces. Handling, travel times and idle times are always dependent on the employee responsible, the work shift, the requirements in the material flow and many other influencing factors. Manual analyses are usually time-consuming, specific and require a deeper understanding of the process. Simulations, which can also be used, do not form an accurate picture of the process at hand. Thus, interesting peculiarities can be identified in relation to the action of employees, the result is always vulnerable. In addition, in practice very different instruments are used to evaluate ergonomics or efficiency. This way it is possible to check efficiency using time recording (e.g. REFA or MTM), whereas in ergonomics the burden is examined (e.g. with EAWS). In practice, it can therefore happen that an efficiency-optimized workstation has become much worse ergonomically after the optimization.

What is your digital solution?

Motion Mining® technology is based on wearables, Bluetooth beacons and a deep learning algorithm. Activities are automatically detected from the sensor data via a self-developed neural network. The activities are then combined with a location within the system, which consists of Bluetooth beacons distance data is derived. The combination of these two sources enables efficiency & ergonomics KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). The analysis considers KPI’s for process efficiency and ergonomics as holistic approach, which are generated with large amounts of data by several employees. Through the aggregation of the data, the result is process-specific and no longer attributable to employees who anonymity of the worker is guaranteed. At the same time, deviations from the average can be calculated with box plots so that a differentiated result is obtained despite anonymity.

How much does your idea differ from existing solutions? What do you do better?

Tracking solutions in the field of production and logistics do not examine body movements or the work situation. A division of the process into travel, gripping and dead times is not possible in this way. Additionally many of these systems require complex integration into the company’s system infrastructure. Existing usable solutions, which are similar in the scope of the evaluation, are MTM and REFA or in area of ergonomics the basic method and EAWS. Here, especially in direct comparison, a strong time saving and more effective use of resources, because Motion-Mining® is faster, during the regular work and largely gets by without experts within the analysis. Due to the large database in comparison compared to conventional methods, outliers are also much less “important” during the measurement. With the help of of outlier analyses and activity-specific heat maps, anomalies can be viewed in a differentiated manner. Furthermore, Motion-Mining® combines efficiency and ergonomics in the sense of a holistic approach, so that an optimization can be directly related to both influencing variables.

What does qualify your team and how is the structure of your team? 

Our founders all worked at chairs of the TU Dortmund University. Whereby a regular exchange with the Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund. From this institute, the foundation took place in October 2017:
Sascha Feldhorst, 37, CEO, responsible for hardware development, Dipl. Informatik, PhD in logistics with Focus on industry 4.0.
Rene Grzeszick, 31, CTO, responsible for data analysis and software platform, Msc. Computer Science, PhD in Machine Learning, 3 years industry experience through knowledge transfer projects in the field of AI.
Sascha Kaczmarek, 32, COO, responsible for operations; sales and projects, Msc. Logistics, several years of industrial experience as process engineer and logistics consultant.
In addition, 20 further employees currently work at MotionMiners GmbH, 10 of them full-time with experience in computer science, mathematics, design, ergonomics and logistics. Due to the university environment, the remaining employees are students from nearby fields of study.

Why should we reward you for your digital business model?

Motion-Mining® will revolutionize process analysis. In the future, customers will be able to use product itself analyses within the shortest possible time. In addition to licensing costs, the companies will pay for the costs of data use in line with their expenses. These data hours can be calculated and can be bought with Miners Coins. The amount to be paid depends on the number and scope of the analyses performed. Measurement equipment and analysis can be used decentrally and independently.