What problem do you solve?

Due to the ever increasing globalisation and digitalisation, the complexity of life has increased over the last decades, which makes it difficult to transfer redundant information from relevant to distinguish between them. As a result, messages of brands cannot be effectively differentiated and the differentiation, as a key driver of business, is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Moreover, it is no longer enough to produce commercials, as customers expect real added value that communicates in a simple and surprising way. Analogue interactions have not been measurable so far, although the customer journey goes far beyond the purchase problems and connects brands and their content with the consumers. This allows the consumer to view digital content on surfaces with the help of getbaff App or an enterprise app. This allows the consumer to view the content, which is linked to the respective surface and offers it an added value. Brands create the connection of the analog and digital world and thus upselling and profiling possibilities.

What is your digital solution?

getbaff can bring any surface to life by connecting surfaces with digital video screens to make people’s everyday lives easier. Newspapers suddenly start talking, events become interactive and, depending on the requirements, both entertaining and playful. Receive business cards personality and stand out from the crowd. Internal processes become more exciting and have a positive effect on the concentration of the listeners. Instructions are easily explained and save the tedious leafing through the pages. Different than with the QR Code, surfaces do not have to be changed, which is why there are no costs for new products. getbaff creates impressive experiences for the user and supports both the transparency, as well as the factor of sustainability for companies. “Unattractive” products, such as the preservation of flyer of a social-media adjustment to appeal to the new target groups for companies.

How much does your idea differ from existing solutions? What do you do better?

getbaff offers a transparent platform for companies, which enter and manage their content themselves and evaluate them. This means that companies are no longer dependent on agencies and third-party providers. The biggest USP is that getbaff gives the companies the possibility to integrate the solution into an existing corporate app.
Another USP is our testimonial Grandma Doris, who with her 80 years has grown up in a completely different age than the young target group of today. Grandma Doris, has a different connection to the analogue world and has no affinity to digital solutions. Yet she has understood the getbaff solution and sees it as an enrichment. Thus, the trust relationship with company and to the users. In addition, getbaff operates a multi-faceted marketing strategy, since the start-up in social networks as well as in various TV formats regionally and internationally is represented. Furthermore, two of the founders have recently been to Silicon Valley and have expertise of innovation, technology and marketing strategists.

What does qualify your team and how is the structure of your team? 

We are a young and dynamic team, which is always ready with creative ideas for the implementation of new use- cases are supported. With regard to the cultural background and the professional expertise of the employees, getbaff distinguishes itself through the factor of diversity. The professional experience of the team is very diversified. From former primary school teachers, to programmers, bankers, photographers, designers and many more. We are a small but sustainable growing team of about 10 members. An honest and direct communication is also important between team leaders and employees, therefore our feedback goes into both directions, which is reflected in our decentralized management structure. The teamwork is based on trust. The human being comes first with us. We distinguish ourselves through flat hierarchies and agile structures and seek our way to success through creative thinking and doing, combined with a positive mindset and high transparency between employees.

Why should we reward you for your digital business model?

We are a visionary, motivated and enthusiastic team. Our commitment is first and foremost to ourselves, because we are 100% convinced of our solution. getbaff believes in progress and the unification of digital and analog worlds. This gives people much more freedom, which in turn they can devote more time to their creativity, personal and social exchange and imagination.