What problem do you solve?

Do you know how many times a forklift truck has to drive back and forth in the warehouse to transport 1 jar of pickled gherkins?
The answer is: 17 times. That’s quite a pickle! Forklifts are boring? You might think so! However, they are essential to ensure that the cucumber jar and other products are sold and arrive at their destination. But if you take not just one jar of pickles, but 10,000 with not just one forklift truck, but has to transport 1000 from 3 different manufacturers, the whole thing is certainly not more so clearly. The management of such a large fleet of forklift trucks is very time-consuming, non-transparent and complex, as it is not possible to combine the data of different providers. With our cloud-based SaaS software, we are the first independent manufacturer. ForkOn bundles all data sources of customers and partners. This not only enables our customers to effectively save costs, but for the first time no expensive hardware, but a digital solution which is user-friendly and easy to install.

What is your digital solution?

ForkOn is a logistics start-up with core competencies in the fields of intralogistics and process optimization. We combine years of industry knowledge with innovative spirit and state-of-the-art IT solutions. Our fleet management software ForkX digitalizes and automates processes of forklift truck fleets by relevant data are compiled and analysed. Smart algorithms reliably evaluate all internal and external data. This enables us to notify customers of any anomalies in the fleet or in operational processes and proactively provide customer-specific recommendations for improvements. Thereby our customers not only receive clearly structured data transparency, we also enable you to efficient use of resources, through they can save up to 25% of fleet costs beyond that we integrate other features such as the battery management of forklift trucks.

How much does your idea differ from existing solutions? What do you do better?

With our platform, customers can consolidate all available information in one system for the first time. Only a manufacturer-independent approach can meet customer requirements and offer sustainable added value. On the one hand, the differentiation from other solutions is cost savings, especially with regard to service, spare parts and contract management. On the other hand, the customer receives automatically generated analyses of the service reports and invoices, which contain recommendations for action such as changing forklifts (utilization), the change of the contract model (full maintenance vs. effort based), the change of owner model and more. Secondly, the benefit lies in the optimization and automation of the internal processes at the customer’s site and the associated savings in time and resources. The third advantage for the customers lies in the combination of not only different forklift software programs, but also the different software systems of the feature manufacturers (battery charge management, indoor location software, software for the readout of special sensors etc.).

What does qualify your team and how is the structure of your team?

ForkOn is a young, highly motivated team, 100% committed and strives to make the digital change in logistics sector and to assist our customers in the transition to a digital software solution in the best possible way.

The founders:

Tim Klauke (CEO), Managing Director, worked for Jungheinrich for 9 years and thanks to his profound Industry know-how our expert in the logistics industry.

Nils Herzing (CFO), financial expert, former founder & scholarship holder, top 3 of the most active hedge funds of the last 3 years.

Dennis Röhner (CTO), Technical Lead Backend, Studienstiftung scholarship holder, first employee of a successful AI Start-ups.

Tim Stollberg (CTO), Technical Lead Frontend, Serial Entrepreneur, 25 years coding experience.

Our team also consists of: 4 physicists, 2 data scientists, 2 software developers, 1 doctor in mathematics, 6 dedicated working students. Since the foundation in 2017 we have grown from 4 to 24 employees, work at 2 locations, Cologne and Heidelberg, have a high level of cohesion, regular team meetings and all pull together – to be the most customer-oriented B2B company.

Why should we reward you for your digital business model?

84% of companies could save 20% of forklift costs – We at ForkOn see with the fleet management of forklift trucks our opportunity to become an enabler of the intralogistics industry through our digital solution to create the most customer-oriented logistics platform in the world. We are a young, highly motivated team and are all 100% committed to driving this change forward and helping our customers to support the changeover to a digital software solution.