bee smart city

What problem do you solve?

Cities have many challenges, silo structures, slow analog processes, ivory tower prioritization and have little transparency about intelligent Smart City solutions. We develop smart city solutions that make your life in your city easier (e.g. intelligent traffic light systems; energy-saving street lights, efficient parking systems, e-mobility solutions, digital citizen service, etc.) with local authorities.

What is your digital solution?

We founded the world’s leading Smart City Network and today we are the Official Partner Platform in the United Nations Smart City area. Here we develop a “Premium Account” with added value for Smart City solution provider and a “software-as-a-service solution” to efficiently manage the Smart City transformation process for municipalities.

How much does your idea differ from existing solutions? What do you do better?

We continue to develop our products in a user-centered, agile manner and have also developed a competitive advantage by using a structured inbound marketing mechanism to create a implemented growth accelerators for our network.

What does qualify your team and how is the structure of your team? 

We are 3 solution-oriented founders with long professional experience. Bart was 6 years leading strategist of a Dax-Group; Tom has over 15 years experience in the public sector and Alex has a PhD in astrophysics.

Why should we reward you for your digital business model?

North Rhine-Westphalia motivates and influences the start-up “bee smart city” as a globally leading Smart City network. Together with the United Nations, cities and municipalities we develop their urban and suburban to further develop habitats in a more sustainable and live able way. For us and our future generations. Be a part, be a bee!