What problem do you solve?

AI sportswatch offers a cost efficient and fully automatic production, activation and broadcasting service for all kind of sports.

What is your digital solution?

The AISW system compiles a cutting-edge audiovisual feed, following, zooming and replaying the action based upon artificial intelligence; similar to a regular manual sports production.

The underlying permanent 180degree view of the AISW system provides the ability to exploit data-tracking and monitoring for coaching, security and various other purposes. The AISW system also allows the athlete to source, collect and voluntarily share their own highlights.

How much does your idea differ from existing solutions? What do you do better?

We use a cloud solution and are able to scale much better. The camera is installed in 15 hours and requires only power.

What does qualify your team and how is the structure of your team? 

We have the complete know-how in the company. AI, production, web software and sales abilities are bundled in the founder team.

Why should we reward you for your digital business model?

7 million footballers and 15 million athletes in Germany; We make them visible and improve their games.