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2020 has been a year many of us could not predict. As we near closer to its end, there are all the more reasons to celebrate your team for their commitment and endurance during this challenging year. As December gets closer, it appears more and more likely that our celebrations will need to be socially distanced.
Physical distance doesn’t have to be a barrier to your end of year celebrations! 

Just because you won’t be able to bring the team together to celebrate doesn’t mean you have to cancel the annual party. PIRATE’s experience in developing incredible celebrations and entertainment events is here to save the holiday season! We are well known for our  strong commitment to our culture and team spirit. Not only are our parties legendary, our expertise in digital and remote event experiences offers tons of opportunities to end this year on a high note. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your entire team together for an incredible celebration.

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Our goal is creating your unique Christmas experience

At PIRATE we create inclusive digital events that touch all senses and make real connections. You can look forward to an unforgettable and  highly sustainable event. Most importantly, we take care of all of the arrangements, so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities.  You can be confident that everything will run perfectly thanks to our technology and professional team.

We’d love to hear more about your ideas and how we can help you bring your Christmas dreams to life!

We’ll deliver the magic of your festive wish list 

Let us help you put together a bespoke event full of festive memories for your entire team. An evening of baking Christmas cookies toasted with homemade Glühwein? Whether it is an evening full of games and fun, or a party for all the senses, let us cook up something incredibly memorable just for you. We will work with you to develop just the right experience to engage and delight your guests.

More Ideas? Just think of

  • Christmas karaoke, singing together
  • Baking cookies or ginger bread together
  • Virtual Escape Games
  • Digital Beer- Wine- or Gin-Tasting
  • Themed DiY-Workshops
  • Wellness retreat yoga & meditation
  • Branded event platform and livestreaming award ceremony

Our Services – Your Carefree Package

We create a bespoke, digital Christmas environment in which your event takes place. Whether on a virtual Christmas market or in a snowy winter landscape, your branding and experience is unique to you. We can realize your dreams, digitally!

PIRATEx stands for extraordinary experiences. We will work with you to create something magical together: From the development of a concept to the technical implementation.

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We are curious about your ideas and wishes.

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