We’re far from back to physical if you ask Gates and Bezos — Online Event Insider #2

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Welcome to the Online Events insider newsletter from PIRATEx. Here are some of the things we’ve been excited about in the online event world this week. As this is a new format, we’d love some feedback! Just hit reply when you’re done reading.

Online event takeaway of the week 

Don’t take technology for granted. You might have a setup that has been double checked, triple checked, and quadruple checked, but don’t leave anything to chance. Always keep a livestream visible alongside the audio feed monitored during the event. Make sure there is always a person that is watching and listening to the stream while you’re producing, just to be sure of the signal that you are sending out. 

Recent happenings in remote events:

Bill Gates hasn’t made any friends this year: Due to the lack of spontaneity after in-person meetings, Microsoft founder Gates says the move to remote meetings and events has impacted his opportunity to make random connections. While encouraging software developers to do more (I guess he hasn’t tried INTRO.chat), Gates predicts business travel will be greatly reduced, and more online events will take place, even after COVID-19. 

Remote ushers in event Golden Age: Speaking at the recent Cvent CONNECT Europe event, Cvent CEO and founder Reggie Aggarwal highlighted the important role of remote and online technology in bringing events to a wider audience, and the possibility of creating “a Golden Age” for events. We couldn’t agree more.

Hosting providers lean into marketplaces for Online Events: Zoom, Hopin and Crowdcast are just three event hosting providers that are working to build greater functionality for their clients by offering more visibility for the events on their platforms. As event platforms increasingly become a destination for audiences to find events, expect more benefits for consumers as the competition between these providers continues to heat up!

Amazon seeks to disrupt online event world: Online events, Jeff Bezos has entered the chat. Amazon Explore facilitates 1to1 online experiences between viewers and hosts around the world. The service is aimed at those looking to shop, learn or explore new destinations with professional guides. Amazon’s entry into the online event and experience space is an exciting new entrant to the online event space, as well as a huge validation of the industry. 

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It has been a busy week for us at PIRATEx as we’ve produced six different projects for clients. We’ve learned a lot and it’s been a great joy to work with so many excellent partners. 

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We have been incredibly busy this year and are looking forward to new crew and collaborators. If you are interested in joining the crew: 

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